Oliver Kwast

Hey there 👋, I'm Oliver I'm passionate about React Native. After university I started with iOS development. After two years I was asked to join the Lokalportal startup to start the app team as Team Lead. While I miss Swift a lot, I definitely like React Native.

#AlwaysLearning is definitely my thing. I like to build stuff in my free time. Yeah ... you know ... when these projects are close to be publishable it gets boring and one starts something new, right? Maybe I find the time to finish a few of them ... after my current side project of course 😂

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Now - 2021Co-founder of the bitglow GmbH – A german agency for mobile and web development 🚀
Working with freelancers can be really great, but who wants to work with a single person if they can get an entire team?
Now - 2021After leaving Lokalportal I started to work as freelancer for mobile and web development with focus on React, React Native and native iOS. That soon worked out so well that it made sense to think one step bigger, so see the entry above.
2021 - 2020Senior Fullstack Engineer: After Corona hit us hard only 2 people could stay at Lokalportal. Fullstack so far means, I have to get my hands dirty on everything however I focus on the React Native app and the the React web frontend.
2020 - 2018React Native Team Lead: Leading a great team of up to 8 people at Lokalportal. We build the Lokalportal App from the ground up. The app is location based, has push notifications and supports deep linking. A few more buzz words: TypeScript, Redux, Thunks, Redux Observables, Code Push. It's been a nice time 🙂
2017 - 2015Beeing the main iOS Engineer at Arive.de AG - Building the Ariva App and teaching iOS development to younger people 👨‍🏫
After I left the the company the app got more advertisements sadly, otherwise it is still a nice app.
Highlights are: Realtime stock updates, a lot of individual screens, super smooth animations (you can get the chart into full screen 😉)
2015 - 2010Getting my Master of Sience in Computer Sience at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel



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